Supporting your technology

even when your head office is asleep


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Local and foreign companies without dedicated in-house IT management

All of our customers are present in Singapore and the APAC region, with offices globally. While they may rely on their head office for IT support, factors like time differences and distance can slow down that support. We partner with their head offices around the world to provide a seamless experience and support in their local offices.

New setups

We also take care of new setups. This includes any company opening an office in Singapore. We assist with the entire infrastructure setup so they waste little time in getting up and running.


Many of our customers have been with us for a very long time. As they grow and evolve, we take a proactive approach to align their IT capabilities with their business objectives. 

“Speartail is our diligent and dedicated IT partner. They manage our IT infrastructure in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Working closely with our head office in Leer Germany, they have been integral in supporting our company’s growth and in ensuring that our business operations are efficient and timely.”
— Lars Schoennemann, Managing Director – BBC Chartering

“Speartail is our IT department’s local extended arm. They partner with our own IT team very well and adapt to our specific requirements. It has been very helpful to have IT experts on hand when our own are in a different time zone.”
— Joseph Alfonso – Poten & Partners