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Managed IT

Entrusting the management of your IT services to Speartail frees up your organisation to do what it does best

The following are covered under our Managed IT Services:


On-site IT support

All our plans come with a scheduled on-site visit to ensure we keep your systems at peak performance.
The scheduled visits by a Speartail Engineer serve two purposes:

  • perform preventive maintenance to minimize the risk of problems
  • address technical issues your organization faces


Remote support

Some issues require urgent attention and waiting for the next on-site visit is not an option. We are always available outside the agreed service window to ensure these types of issues are dealt with in good time and wherever you are — whether you are in the office, sitting in an airport lounge or in a hotel across the world.


Emergency on-site availability

Almost all businesses are dependent on communications and systems being available 24/7. When something goes wrong, we minimize your downtime by sending an Engineer on-site immediately to handle the issues. If the issue is with a 3rd party provider, we will coordinate the resolution and keep you informed.


Infrastructure mapping, scaling and management

We do not expect you to know what hardware you currently have deployed and if they are being used in the best possible way. That is our job. We will find out exactly what you have and ensure it is scaled correctly for your growth.


Review & documentation

Our detailed documentation process covers specific information concerning the setup and configuration of your infrastructure — all that we have done to it and all that we plan to do. This document is always available to you and should you ever wish to leave us at any point, everything you need will be in order.


Monitoring of key services

Hardware fails. Software crashes. Cables get torn. While many service disruptions cannot be predicted, a lot of them can and we keep a keen eye on your critical services so we can act before problems occur.

Talk to us about your IT needs. After an initial on-site consultation, we'll propose a plan that makes sense for your business.